Story: The boy who ran

As my boy grows older, I have started writing a few stories to tell him at bedtime.

This one is about running so I thought other runners might like it for any kids/grandkids/nephews/nieces.

Thank you to my friend Norman (@cyntefin) for the illustration too. 

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There once was a boy who ran every day, 

He ran to school and he ran home to play,

He ran in the valley and up the town’s biggest hill,

And people would say “Gosh, that boy just can’t keep still!”


But he just loved to run and did not want to stop,

And he made sure he ate well and drank water a lot,

He wasn’t that fast but that didn’t matter,

He was just happy when he could hear his feet pitter-patter.


One day he was running and he heard someone shout,

He started looking around to see who was about,

He found an old lady who had taken a fall,

And was sitting uncomfortably at the foot of a wall.


He had a quick chat to make sure she was ok,

Then, like a flash, he went racing away,

He dashed along paths and along the pavements of roads,

Always remembering his green cross code.


When he reached the town, he raised the alarm,

Then ran back to make sure she came to no harm,

The doctor arrived to look after her soon,

And she was up and about by the next afternoon.


The people of the town saw what the boy did,

And they cheered and they clapped this brave helpful kid,

That day, some of them were inspired to run,

Now that’s what they all do and they all have great fun.

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