From a marathon to a mile

On Sunday, I joined Mark and Harry Keville on Day Two of their 10-marathon challenge, and ran from Worthing to Chichester (plus a bit more to make up the distance) on a lovely sunny day on the south coast.

And this Sunday (27th), I am switching to the other end of the spectrum at The Butetown Mile – a fantastic community event appealing to all runners in Cardiff which is over in less than five minutes for some.

Last Sunday, we all met up at Worthing Hospital at 8.30am to meet staff who are part of a network offering the new NHS service Robbie’s Rehab.

Alongside Mark and Harry were routefinder Neil, and Harry’s friend Dave, with Steve on the bike and Neil’s family in the support car.

It was already a sunny morning and we set off for a gorgeous stretch along the coast.

On the first day, Mark and Harry had done a half marathon on each of Jersey and Guernsey and, with another eight days to go, it was important to let them set the pace, with the rest of us there to keep them on track and entertained.

There were snacks, there was some talk of chafing, there was banter with passers-by, and there was some walking on pebbly beaches when the path ran out. Most importantly, there was a great atmosphere which it was a privilege to be part of.

We turned inland towards Chichester and the non-pavemented roads became a bit more challenging as the traffic zipped by, but it certainly focussed the mind and stopped any thoughts of tiredness.

Reaching Chichester, we headed to the hospital for the second visit of the day, and Mark even put in a sprint as we got close.

At the hospital, it was lovely to see lots of the Keville family had turned out to welcome them in, and Mark and Harry were visibly lifted by all the support. 

The hospital stops also gave such a clear and meaningful connection to the cause they are running for. Mark and Harry didn’t want to talk to staff there about the running – they wanted to spread the word about Robbie’s Rehab.

With that visit done, we headed back out – there was still another 5k to do to complete the day’s distance.

Getting started again after a break is never easy but we were soon on our way and then we were done! 

A tremendous day and gave just a window into what’s involved with multi-day challenges. 

Thanks again to Mark and Harry for the invite and to Neil, Dave, Steve, Susie and Sophs for the company and support (and the lunch, water and biscuits). To follow Mark and Harry’s progress, visit

And if you are in Cardiff at the weekend, do check out Sunday’s Butetown Mile – the start is not far from John Lewis and you can sign up on the day. Elite race is 11am, with the fun run at 11.15am.

For more information – click here:


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